About Randall Box

If you’re looking for a very quick glimpse into my background you’ve come to the right place. Though most of my time is now spent managing development teams and architecting solutions, I began with the fundamentals. 

I started my career at a local internet service provider at seventeen, and a couple years later found myself working in the NOC administering servers and network equipment. A few years later, I partnered with a local business to bring their retail tire business online. From building the web site to integrating the fulfillment system, I handled all aspects of the online business. Before long, we were shipping tires all over the world. Here is where I learned the value of automation in business processes. Everything was integrated and automated, from order flow and payment processing to shipping.

This eventually led to entering the performance marketing industry with a small startup team in Northwest Arkansas. Our team had previously worked with a business management suite called Xtractor that had sold to Rakuten in 2007, and was looking to create a new and enhanced version from the ground up. I was commissioned to design and engineer the new software suite to manage a growing portfolio of domains and lead generation campaigns. A more than year-long undertaking, I built and integrated the software platform that would manage ROI on a 5500+ domain portfolio for over ten years.

The engineering of this software was where I delved deep into analytics and big data, before big data was a buzzword. I developed a method of tracking users from click to conversion across all our properties, using a combination of three identifiers and custom algorithms. Having this insight into real-time behavioral data helped us become the number one auto insurance lead generator in the industry and successful in many other lead types. The no-name tracking system was ahead of it's time and a hot topic at industry events.

During this time, I also managed the development and launch of many other successful e-commerce sites, including Bouquet.com, which was built from the ground up as a completely custom online florist retailer with integration to our florist network. We also launched Coffee.org, a coffee wholesaler based in Northwest Arkansas, which was the largest .org domain transaction in the world as of 2007.

When we wrapped up our lead generation projects in 2008, I moved back home and started a performance marketing company which I ran for seven years. Operating in the moving and relocation space, we generated and sold millions of moving leads over the next several years.

Since 2015, most of my work has been web agency related. Drupal is the content management system of choice, although some projects are built without the use of frameworks, such as a highly optimized analytics and telemetry software geared toward domainers, which will be released in early 2020.